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.:. sports.boemic. - ONline TENNIS training .:.
.:. ... because YOUR tecnique is important ... .:.
What do you need for ONline TENNIStraining?
Tennis racket, tennis balls, tennis partner
(also Tri-tennis possible), tennis court ... SMARTPHONE and

How the video analysis works?
You play with your tennis partner and make a film during your shots with your smartphone, depending your shots you want to have corrected. Afterwards you share these videos with me via WhatsApp or upload them in the dropbox.

What happens afterwards?
I have a look on your sent or uploaded video and your technique of shots and afterwards I send a detailled report with the analysis and following optimization to you (via WhatsApp, email or in the dropbox)

Quality of the videos?
EXAMPLE of VIDEO - for what you have to take care making a video:
POSITION of the smartphone: during each shot you try to have the correct position of the smartphone (best on the side of the shot, near to the net post) and also a video beside and in height of you.
SIZE of you in your video: as large as possible you should be filmed in your video, but pay attention, that the whole swing is included, this means you should take your smartphone "lying down", not elevated.
QUALITY: depending your smartphone your video should have a good quality, but the resolution of the video should not too big. The video also should not be too long, for each side 8-10 shots are enough. Thereby it is possible, that you have to make more videos, which you upload to me.
If the video/s have bad quality I will contact you and you make a new video/s in the next tennis match of you.

Contact and proceeding?
With WhatsApp: Add my tel.nr. to your contacts, send me a message or the video with a short message. With Dropbox: In advance you send me a short email or give me a call, with your request for an ONLINE technique analysis and your dates (Email, user for dropbox and telephone number, if it is OK for you). Afterwards I am creating a folder in the dropbox (especially for you and you have ONLY access to it) and send you this information. In this folder you make your upload of your video, afterwards I am downloading this file and will check. After my analysis I make the report and send it to you via WhatsApp, email or upload it in the dropbox-folder.

Costs for the ONline training?
Indeed minimal, but they are of course ...
In total 10,- - 15,- are the costs for this technique analysis, 5,- in advance and 5,- or 10,- after my sending of the analysis report to you.
2 shots (e.g. vorhand and baclhand) .:. 10,-
4 shots and more (VH, BH, serve and volley) .:. 15,-

Payment of the ONline training?
With transfer via IBAN and BIC, or with PAYPAL. All details will be sent to you in an invoice.

Further questions? Better to give me a call!
Info: Michael sports.boemic.at
(State-certified tennis teacher
of the Austrian Tennis Federation)
tel.: +43 699 1722 4862
@: sports@boemic.at

I am looking forward to YOUR video!
... and ...
... it's up to you!

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